Scientology Jason Beghe interview
Gerard Chaliand interview (in french).

Software I like

NixOS stateless operating system, based on the Nix tool and the Nixpkgs package collection.

styx minimalistic static website compiler.

zymake minimalistic workflow management in OCAML.

llpp pdf pager.

Ribosome minimalistic code generation tool by the author of ZeroMQ/Nanomsg.

alot, afew, notmuch and muchsync are the tools I use for e-mail. msmtp is much better at IMAP synchronization than offlineimap.


The article Ultimate physical limits to computation gives a thermodynamical and statistical mechanics view of computation.. and an upper bound on the number of operations a one kilogram machine can perform.

This course is exciting if you are in computer science.


Alejandro Jodorowsky meets kanye in nice
Maz Jobrani
David Mitchell
Bill Hicks
D.Chappelle.. Black white supremacist


Starting Strength, the EFS exercise index for bench or squat/dead.
Jim Wendler
Eric Cressey is an expert on shoulder pain and also has some resources on lower back issues. The expert on knee pain is Mike Robertson, his book bulletproof knees is worth the money.